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We are a Swiss based group domiciled in Zurich, with offices in Zurich and Mumbai.

Our core competencies are the intercultural business development between the Western and Eastern world as well as our entrepreneurial management and execution capabilities.  Our two main areas of activity are Investment Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Services.

In our Investment Opportunities division, we research, assess, finance, execute and exit business projects with a focus on the Indian agro industry enabling third parties to invest in business opportunities from earliest stages on.

In our Entrepreneurial Services division we act as "Outsourced Entrepreneurial Managers" for the execution and supervision of major strategic business development projects of our corporate clients. We represent several SMI listed companies in their long term market expansion in Asia.

We position ourselves as a trust centre, providing our services through highly skilled professionals with local and international experience and presence. Our mission is to minimize the risk for our clients' ventures and investments through our cultural know-how and ongoing management and supervision capabilities.

In a nutshell: Connecting Worlds Creating Value(s)